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Research Sociology Bielefeld University

Research at the Faculty of Sociology is diverse and spans a range of subdisciplines in Sociology, Political Science and Social Anthropology. One distinct trademark is cross-disciplinary work, such as for example in research on world society, gender or labour market research.

Research Sociology Bielefeld University

Zweifeln fürs Ego

Kieserling A (21.01.2024) .


Darf ich nach den Sternen greifen?

Kieserling A (24.03.2024) .


Die Sehnsucht nach dem Sündenbock

Kieserling A (03.03.2024) .


Lob der Unpersönlichkeit

Kieserling A (11.02.2024) .


Gerichte als Organisationen?

Nichelmann R, Wöhrle P (2023) In: Handbuch Organisationstypen. Apelt M, Tacke V (Eds); 2nd ed. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden: 179-212.


Research projects

Research projects

The Faculty of Sociology works on a wide range of research topics. These research topics range from work and digitalization, migration and social theories, to world society and world politics.

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Research projects
Research subjects

Research subjects

Research subjects

In addition to individually and collaboratively conducted research and writing projects, much of the research is externally funded, ranging from single to collaborative and long-term projects.

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News from sociology

8. April 2024 - Verleihung des Franz-Xaver-Kaufmannpreis 2024 an Tom Kaden

27. März 2024 - H.Russell Bernard's Student Paper Prize goes to Ngoc Minh Luong

14. März 2024 - Professor Gil Eyal hält Niklas-Luhmann-Gastprofessur 2024

12. März 2024 - New publication by Sebastian Sattler in Social Science & Medicine on a situational test of the Health Belief Model

12. März 2024 - Workshop "Computational Social Science: Bridging Data and Methods with Theory and Applications"

11. März 2024 - Projektstart Infra4NextGen – Make it Digital

6. März 2024 - Vortragsreihe "Gender-Care-Relations" im SoSe 2024

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